Residents threaten parking action


The letter refers to Saxon Close as being a ‘community car park’ and that a two-hour parking limit, in operation between 8am and 6pm, would deter those people who park in the road all day to avoid paying for a ticket in the town centre.

Two weeks ago police were called after a number of drivers had parked their vehicles so close and in such a careless fashion, (pictured) that householders believe it would have been impossible for an emergency service vehicle to gain access to the area.

Residents Ken and Angela Martin are only too familiar with the problem as they witness the parking dilemma in their road on a regular basis.

“The police had to be called out to Saxon Close the other Saturday. “The close was utter chaos. Residents were unable to get in or out, some having to cancel appointments and family visits.

Yellow lines are needed desperately. “Our concern is should an ambulance or fire engine need to get into the close for an emergency, problems would arise.

Parking on the pavement is also an issue with no consideration for wheelchair users or prams.”

Residents say that during the week people park in Saxon Close and go to work.

At weekends the Close is used by shoppers and visitors.

They now believe there is no option but to introduce some sort of parking restriction to manage a situation which has clearly got out of hand.