Better bins and buses promised in £2.7m county council spend

Warwickshire County Council's Shire Hall headquarters in Warwick.
Warwickshire County Council’s cabinet has agreed to spend £2,795,000 on a range projects to improve and upgrade services from waste disposal to school buses.

Funding for the following projects has been approved:  

£238k for the purchase of 60 waste containers for the county’s Household Waste Recycling Centres. The council currently hires containers for the storage and transport of waste, as a ten-year hire agreement is ending the council is buying its own containers meaning it will save hire costs.

£810k for the purchase of 15 buses to take children from home to school. The total cost for this project is £885k with the remainder to be funded from the sale of existing vehicles. The current owned-fleet consists of 38 buses. A significant portion of the council’s current 38 owned fleet of buses are becoming unreliable, and are also very fuel inefficient (around 8 mpg), too large and with the wrong configuration of seating to meet the needs of the service. The new buses will reduce costs due to fuel efficiencies and reduced maintenance.

£660k to redevelop and upgrade gypsy and traveller sites at Griff Hollows, Pathlow and Alvecote. The significant improvements will include purpose-built day room facilities at Griff Hollows, Nuneaton. Also, the boundary fencing at each of the sites needs to be reinstated and repaired to prevent unauthorised encampments and associated activity, such as fly tipping.

£512k to create office space at the council-owned owned Holly Walk, Leamington, at a total cost of £1.012 million, with £500k funded from a Coventry and Warwickshire LEP grant.   Leamington is home to the largest cluster of gaming companies – by economic value – outside London. The council’s Inward Investment Team is currently working with a number of gaming businesses that are looking for larger open plan office spaces currently not available in the town centre. The proposal is to renovate the vacant office accommodation to create much needed new office space, aimed at medium-sized businesses, to complement and support the smaller office/ incubation space that both exists and should be coming on stream in Leamington in the future.

Cllr Peter Butlin, Warwickshire County Council’s Deputy Leader, said:  “These projects are great news for our residents. They reflect our priorities set out in our Covid-19 Recovery Plan which focuses on supporting the region’s economic recovery; supporting our residents through this challenging time; tackling inequalities; working with partners to speed up recovery and focusing on environmental challenges.

“The new waste containers will save money in the long run and be more cost effective; the new school buses mean we continue to ensure the most vulnerable in our community get to school safely, they will also reduce costs due to fuel efficiencies and reduced maintenance; the upgrade to our gypsy and traveller sites shows our commitment to supporting all members of our community;  while the investment in new medium sized office space at Holly Walk, Leamington Spa will provide the space needed for the local economy to grow.”




  • Sirpc

    All valid projects, except renovation of office facilities to entice gambling companies.