These are not just M&S poinsettias, they are Bordon Hill poinsettias

Two examples of the poinsettias sold by M&S and grown by Bordon Hill Nurseries. Photo submitted

THE link between big-name supermarkets and independent businesses on our doorstep has been highlighted by reports of bumper sales of a much-loved plant for the festive season.

Poinsettia sales at M&S are up 120 per cent on last year, with almost a million set to be sold over the Christmas season.

The good news for the Herald area is M&S poinsettias are grown at Bordon Hill Nurseries, the family business based in Stratford-upon-Avon and with other sites at Welford and Offenham.

M&S horticulture trading manager, Emma Coupe, said: “We know our customers, more than ever, will want to bring some festive cheer to their homes this year.

“Poinsettias are the nation’s favourite festive bloom for good reason – there’s few florals in December that can brighten the home in the same way.

“We’ve worked with Bordon Hill for more than 30 years and know they’re the best in the business – our team have been working for six months to grow these iconic plants and we think they’ll be more popular than ever this year.”

Here are Emma’s top tips to keep your plant in tip-top condition and thriving past-Christmas:

– They like light and warmth as they’re used to sunnier climates. Don’t keep your plant in a draught – ensure it’s away from fireplaces, windows or chilly hallways

– Overwatering is a big no-no when it comes to poinsettia. To keep it blooming make sure your soil is neither too dry nor too wet.

For those who love special occasions, National Poinsettia Day is apparently on 12th December.