Boost for UBUS dial-a-ride service


Improvements to Stratford District’s UBUS transport service came into effect this week.

The dial-a-ride service is designed to help those with mobility problems who may find it difficult to access public transport or those who live in an area with no or limited public transport.

All towns and parishes in the district will now have a UBUS operating every day Monday-Friday and the service will operate from 9.30am until 7pm, except between 2.30pm and 16.30pm on school days.

All UBUS vehicles now have 16 seats, though whilst social distancing remains in place only five passengers per UBUS are permitted and all must wear masks unless exempt.

The UBUS booking centre is now open between 8.30am and 6pm on the same telephone number 01789 264491, while bookings can also be made by emailing or by text to 01536 609122.

Fares on the service are £4 single and £6 return while Warwickshire County Council Concessionary bus passes are valid for travel on the service.