A46 closed near Snitterfield after major accident

A caller to the Herald said the accident happened in this area of the road near the minor junction on the left. Photo: Google Street View

POLICE have closed the A46 between Bishopton Island and Marraway after a major incident.

Road closures are also in place at the junction with Snitterfield, Gospel Oak Lane and Kings Lane while emergency services attend the accident.

A police spokesman said: “Please avoid the area and take an alternative route where possible. Thank you for your patience.”

A dog walker who had seen the aftermath told the Herald there appeared to be several vehicles involved in the latest incident on a stretch of road notorious for the number of accidents over the years.

The road looks likely to be closed for much of the day.

  • old_moaning

    Firstly I very much hope nobody has been seriously hurt …however its an atrociously dangerous piece of road…with loads of BMW’s, Audi’s and other other assorted penis extension cars thundering along to their next pointless meeting in a far away place at crazy speeds and near suicidal overtaking manoevures at the same time…

    These nutters rely on the fact that.if there is another equal nutter coming the other way one will chicken out at the last minute and give way…Equally if there is not another nutter coming the other way these dangerous idiots are relying on the fact the motorist coming the other way is alert and watching a projectile hurtling towards them…or if somebody is emerging from a slip road a good judgement of speed.

    There appears absolute zippo police enforcement on this stretch of road but plenty of cameras to nick a motorist as they go down a dip approaching the waitrose roundabout and momentarily go over 30 or exceed the 30 limit on Millionaires row

    • Gordon Murray

      Looks like there was one death unfortunately 🙁