Mop Day celebration goes ahead in Stratford

The Mop tradition has been kept alive in Stratford, today, Monday, 12th October. There was just a single ride there until early afternoon before being removed. Photo: Stratford Herald.

IT’S October 12th and that means it’s Mop Day in Stratford.

And while a decision was finally reached to abandon this year’s Mop and Runaway in its traditional form through the streets of the town centre, a special ceremony took place at 11am today, Monday, to keep the spirit alive.

A single children’s ride has been allowed in Rother Street and it was there that a gathering took place with prayers and proclamations to uphold the tradition of the Mop – and to hope it will be back in its normal form next October 12th.

The ride was there until early afternoon and then removed.


  • 1jamessmith1

    how many people used the solitary ride? I believe that it was raining most of the time that the lonely ride was on offer

  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    The decision to cancel the Mop was the right one, holding such a fair in the confines of the town streets was always going to be an insurmountable problem. You have to feel for the Showmen and their families, and perhaps switching to the Rec might have been an option. Stratford is dying through the lack of tourists, I’m even missing the crocodiles of French schoolchildren and the incessant steering round people taking selfies in the middle of the street.