£100k wheeled play area approved in Ettington


A new £100,000 wheeled play area in Ettington has been given the green light by planners despite the project dividing the village.

The application for the wheeled play area in the Recreation Ground on Rogers Lane, widely referred to as a skate park, was submitted by Ettington Parish Council.

Cash for the facility, which measures around 300sqm, has come from developer 106 funding and many of Ettington’s youngsters were involved in developing the plans.

However a significant number of objections were submitted, with most complaints centring on fears of increased noise, antisocial behaviour and the loss of green space and privacy for surrounding residents.

Supporters of the project said the wheeled play area was much needed in the village and would encourage young people to exercise and socialise outdoors.

Despite concerns from some residents Warwickshire Police did not share their concerns about crime and antisocial behaviour.

Ettington resident Pete George urged the committee not to approve the plan, but asked that if they decided to do so, they should insist on a barrier around the park to reduce noise and disturbances to surrounding properties.

Speaking at the meeting earlier this month on behalf of Ettington Parish Council, Cllr Richard Smith said: “Our youth team helped design the obstacles small enough to be accessible to novices, while challenging enough to stretch advanced riders, our professional designers commended them for this and then took their ideas and knitted them into a facility that flows well.”

He added: “I hope that the committee can see that this is a good project for Ettington and can be allowed within the rules that you must apply.”