Campaigners set for socially distanced Stratford climate protest


Environmental campaigners are to host a small socially distanced protest in Stratford tomorrow (Friday 25th September) to highlight the connections between the pandemic and climate crisis.

Members of Stratford Climate Action and Stratford Extinction Rebellion will take part in the event which will also emphasise the need to Build Back Better with a Green New Deal, to boost the economy and transition away from fossil fuels within 10 years.

Protestors will meet on Waterside at 11am before dividing into groups of six or less at 11.30am and moving to points around the town for several small, socially distanced displays of protest.

Some of will be forming a “cube of truth” where four will stand in a socially distanced cube, wearing white masks and silently holding laptops, which will be showing short videos taken from David Attenborough’s recent Extinction program. Two people will talk to those who stop to watch.

The groups say the action is low risk and in accordance to coronavirus guidelines.

Stephen Norrie, chair of Stratford Climate Action, said: “There are close connections between Covid-19 and the climate emergency. Meat and dairy farming, and deforestation, are major drivers of both climate breakdown and pandemics. To prevent future pandemics, the government must support a transition to a sustainable economy.

“We call on them to abandon plans for more road-building, deregulation of the planning system, and for HS2 – the environmental case for which has collapsed, as Stop HS2 have shown. Economic stimulus should reflect calls to Build Back Better, by increased investment in renewable energy and the insulation of houses.”

  • Big Jim and The Twins

    Protest against the council’s decision to demolish the Picture House cinema to allow the
    construction of yet another car park on Windsor Street, in Stratford’s Conservation Area and in an Air Quality Management zone.

    Object online on the Stratford e-planning site. Reference number 20/02053/FUL.

  • JD Hogg

    11am? Do these people not have jobs to go t… of course not! How silly of me.

    I bet they won’t also protest against mass immigration – the biggest driver of UK emissions growth (or lack of reduction).