Stratford-upon-Avon School Year 9s are self-isolating

Stratford-upon-Avon School has outlined the steps taken for Year 9s to self-isolate at home. Photo: Google Street View

YEAR 9 students at Stratford-upon-Avon School are self-isolating and will be working at home until Friday, 25th September.

In a statement issued by the school, headteacher Neil Wallace said: “Having contacted Public Health England and the associate director for public health, the reason for this action is that we have had a positive Covid test by a student in Y9, another symptomatic student is awaiting test results, whilst others have been contacted and told to self isolate via Track and Trace.

“On this occasion, we are unable to contact trace within the year group but the precautionary measures we have put in place limit transmission across year groups and so protect the school as a whole.”

The news is the latest incident of a school announcing that a year group or part of one had been asked to self-isolate.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Herald reported online that Year 9 students at Alcester Grammar School had been told to self-isolate after one pupil in the year group tested positive for coronavirus over the weekend.

After contacting Public Health England, the school was advised that all Year 9 students should self-isolate until Friday, 25th September, before returning to school.

In terms of the situation at Stratford School, Mr Wallace added: “The reason that bubbles were created was to reduce the risk of having to close the school.

“We have a system of controls in place that people need to adhere to. These will reduce the risk of transmission within school.

“These mitigating measures include using hand sanitiser, wearing face coverings in communal areas, bubbles etc.

“We are mindful that individuals – students and parents – will have different emotions and views, but want to reassure everybody that we are acting in good faith.

“This action is designed to reduce the likelihood of virus transmission within the Year 9 bubble, the wider school or the local community.”

He said the action meant students would study at home for six days and would log in to keep up with their work – teachers will provide live lessons online at the usual times.

Students will also be required to stay at home during this period. This means they must not leave their home and not have visitors in their home.

Mr Wallace further added: “These restrictions do not apply to other family members in the household. Siblings are still expected to attend school as usual, unless they, or anyone in your household, exhibit any Covid symptoms.

“Whilst this is the first time we have sent a bubble home, it is unlikely to be the last over the coming months. It is a difficult balancing act, but we will continue to act in a proportionate, precautionary professional manner, in line with government guidance and advice from the local health protection team.”