Year 9 students told to self-isolate at Alcester Grammar School

Clive Sentance, principal at Alcester Grammar School

Year 9 students at Alcester Grammar School have been told to self-isolate after one pupil in the year group tested positive for coronavirus over the weekend.

The pupil is recovering well at home but after contacting Public Health England, the school has been advised that all Year 9 students should self-isolate until Friday 25th September, before returning to school.

In a letter to parents, Clive Sentence, Principal at Alcester Grammar School, said: “I am writing to let you know that early this morning we received confirmation that a Year 9 student has tested positive for Covid-19. They were last in school on Thursday 10 September and were tested over the weekend. The good news is that the student is recovering well at home.

“Upon receiving the news of the positive test, we immediately contacted the families of all y9 students to ask them to self-isolate as a precautionary measure.

“We then contacted Public Health England who are responsible for directing the school as to what it should do next.

“After taking advice from the LA Health Protection Team, I have been advised that the whole of y9 should now self-isolate until Friday 25 September, when they may return to school. A small number of students who share the same bus will also be contacted by the transport provider and asked to self-isolate too. The advice is that all other students, including siblings of y9 students, should continue to attend school.

“We will therefore be moving back to online learning for those students affected and this will be set via SMHW as usual.

“There is no need for these students to be tested, unless they show symptoms i.e. a new continuous cough, high temperature and/or a loss of taste or smell.

“If you or your child shows these symptoms, please inform us of the situation, self-isolate with your household and book a test immediately (if you can).

“I need to take this opportunity to share my concerns about the coming term. Across the country there are rapidly growing numbers of schools where large numbers of students are now self-isolating, and this situation has the potential to grow into an nationwide scenario of unplanned and chaotic “rotas by default”.

“This would have an unacceptable impact on schools and students, who have no option but to follow public health direction. Rest assured that I will continue to make representations to the powers that be, that the DfE needs to get a grip on the situation with clear guidance and direction that reflects the reality on the ground.  Meanwhile as a school we are continuing to refine our practices and procedures in order to do what we can to maximise students’ time in school.

“Thank you for your support in these challenging times.”