Fire service launches training programme to keep county healthy


Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service has launched a free 6-week FireFit training programme to help support the health and wellbeing of Warwickshire’s communities.

FireFit has been designed by Warwickshire firefighters, Dan Glorioso, Anneka Sanderson and Jonny Hinks and can be undertaken by people of all ages and abilities, adapting each exercise to meet different needs.

The programme will be available online from today (11 September 2020) and involves a series of cardio and strength training exercises using your own body weight as resistance. Each session lasts for 30 minutes and is designed to involve compound movements utilising major muscle groups to maximise your workout.

Dan Glorioso, from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “The last few months have been difficult, and we know that people have struggled with keeping active, especially families who have had limited access to green spaces. Therefore, we feel it’s more important than ever to help communities to get moving and stay healthy and positive.

“Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic, which is why the sessions we have created are inclusive for all abilities and fitness levels and can easily be adapted to suit a range of needs. They are also a valuable tool to help individuals who may be considering a career within the emergency services.”

Councillor Andy Crump, Portfolio Holder for Fire and Rescue and Community Safety, added:  “I am really impressed with the work that has been undertaken by our firefighters to create this unique training programme. We know that the brand of the fire service is well respected within communities and therefore the team can use their role as health ambassadors to encourage residents to get involved. The best part is that the training programme has been created by professionals and it’s free to anyone wanting to take part. I would encourage as many residents as possible to get involved and show their support to the firefighters who have taken up the challenge to get Warwickshire communities moving.”

A training session will be released every Friday for the next 6 weeks. For more information or to access the programme, visit