PHOTOS: Heads turn as police convoy stops traffic in town

The police convoy stopped traffic on Clopton Bridge. Photo: Mark Williamson

MOTORISTS and pedestrians were stopped in the tracks this afternoon as up to eight police motorcyclists zipped through Stratford-upon-Avon town centre escorting two cars with blacked out windows.

The mysterious convoy stopped traffic on Clopton Bridge and the gyratory with onlookers trying to get a glimpse of the mystery occupants who certainly seemed in a hurry.

Up to eight police motorcyclists stopped traffic and pedestrians as the convoy made its way through town.                                                                                                  Photo: Mark Williamson
A Volvo and BMW with darken windows were escorted through Stratford.        Photo: Mark Williamson

Perhaps a senior politician, foreign dignitary or member of the Royal Family passing through Stratford, or could it have been simply a police training exercise which do take place up and down the country on occasions.

The police motorcyclists made sure their was a clear road ahead for the two vehicles.                       Photo: Mark Williamson


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Passengers in the vehicles were obscured.                                                    Photo: Mark Williamson


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    Nadhim Zahawi getting among his constituents?

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      Nah! You wouldn’t be able to see him, he’s so far up Johnson’s sphincter!