Councils to share roles as authorities grow closer


Stratford District Council (SDC) and Warwick District Council (WDC) are to share two key new management posts, in a sign that both authorities are preparing to work much more closely together.

The posts of Head of Community and Operational Services and Head of ICT will now be shared with the costs spread equally between the two councils.

The move will lead to some savings, but what is probably more significant is the indication it gives about the close relationship forming between SDC and WDC.

Earlier this year a statement from the leaders of both councils explained that growing financial pressures were encouraging the two authorities to look towards greater co-operation, while a pending Government white paper concerning a re-organisation of local government, had played a part in discussions.

There is some speculation that a future merger between the two councils to form a greater South Warwickshire Authority could be an option, though SDC has declined to comment on whether this is being explored.