THEATRE SAVED: Plans to build hotel at Cox’s Yard withdrawn

Tread the Boards performing at Cox's Yard on Monday. Photo: Mark Williamson/Stratford Herald

Wells and Co, the brewery who run Cox’s Yard, has dramatically withdrawn its application to turn part of the site into a 12-bedroom boutique hotel.

Although Wells and Co did not specify the reasons for the withdrawal, it follows on a day of furious support for Tread the Boards theatre company after the Herald revealed news of the application, which was submitted for preliminary assessment to Stratford Town Council on Tuesday. If the plan had gone ahead it would have meant TTB would lose its base at the Attic Theatre on the site.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Andy Murphy, the planner from Stansgate Planning working on behalf of the brewery said that the TTB had been consulted – but this was not the case.

After the Herald pursued Wells and Co for answers, they issued a statement to us this evening (Friday) that said they were “not intending to move forward with this plan”.

The full statement reads:

“Wells & Co. constantly explore options of what to do with their various pubs and the recent pre-application which has been reported on was just that, purely an exploration of options. We sincerely apologise for the breakdown in communications, which as a result, led to discussions with Tread the Boards not taking place. Presently, we do not intend to move forward with this plan and will be reviewing our internal communication process to ensure miscommunications like this do not happen again.

“In particular, it’s a real pity as the team at the Cox’s Yard enjoys a brilliant working relationship with the Tread the Boards theatre company and appreciate hearing what they did, out of the blue, understandably caused real upset. Tread the Boards is a fantastic outfit with a real community ethos. We thoroughly enjoy working with them and hope to continue to for many years to come.”

  • KJ

    Excellent news!!

  • 1jamessmith1

    it appears that my earlier question of how would a 12 bedroom hotel be viable even with out the present corona crisis vanished