Villagers thank Loxley postman for 25 years service


Loxley postman Nigel Palmer was given an emotional send off by villagers on his final round last week, following more than a quarter of a century delivering letters in the parish.

Nigel, 60, was presented with a present and card by Loxley residents as he worked his final shift before a well-deserved retirement.

Loxley resident Paul Jennings, said: “There are many villages where people know the name of their postman but in Loxley Nigel has felt such a part of the community that in our house my family never asked whether the postman has been yet, they just asked has Nigel been yet.

“There is a rumour that when Nigel was asked what he will be doing in his retirement he replied “going for walks around Loxley” I for one look forward to welcoming Nigel to our community pub once we are open so we can tell him how much we miss him.”

Fellow villager Yvonne Brocklehurst added: “Nigel has been pounding the village and Paris Highways and byways for over 25 years, he has delivered letters and parcels through thick and thin.

“He has been a true friend to the Parish, he has helped folk in need, kept an eye on the vulnerable amongst us and helped where he could.”