Police tackle suspected illegal angling near Luddington


Officers from Warwickshire’s Rural Crime Team seized fishing equipment from two suspected illegal anglers in Luddington recently as part of an ongoing operation against the practice.

During a patrol in the Bidford area in the early hours of the morning, officers from the team responded to reports of three men suspected of fishing illegally on the River Avon near Luddington.

As they approached the area one man jumped into the river to get away, but two others were stopped in a car nearby, where it was suspected that they had been fishing in a private members area under the control of Stratford Angling Association.

Despite police searching the area for the man who jumped in the Avon, he was not found, though there were signs further down showing someone had exited the river.

Warwickshire Police are part of the multi-agency Operation Leviathan designed to prevent, detect and prosecute those illegally fishing.

For more information visit https://anglingtrust.net/fresh…/operation-traverse-leviathan