Walk this way? Imagining a traffic-free Stratford

Greg McLeod's illustration of a pedestrianised Bridge Street


Although pedestrianisation of Stratford town centre was not on the agenda for the Covid traffic scheme meeting last Thursday, many Stratfordians have been suggesting it as their preferred option for the town.

This includes artist Greg McLeod who drew his vision of a traffic-free Bridge Street for the town.

Greg said: “Pedestrianisation would facilitate opportunities for vibrant and dynamic change ensuring Startford leads the way in the future of the high street. Putting the environment and community at the forefront.

“Let’s use the big units to house enthusiastic start-ups and established small food and drinks vendors creating indoor street food destinations. Let’s have a world class indoor food market like they have on the continent. A market where people shop daily for their produce from local suppliers. Let’s have a hub of restaurants and bars on Bridge Street and open opportunities for independent shops to thrive.

“Although the past is an important part of Stratford let’s not let it be a unwieldy anchor stopping us progressing into a positive future.”

  • JD Hogg

    I’m all for it. Get the cars out of town.

  • Martin Wiser

    Stratford town center should have be fully pedestrianised years ago. Pedestrianising it will make the town center much more attractive for shoppers and visitors alike. And for those who wish to use their cars there are still plenty of supermarkets and shops at the Maybird Center they can drive too. I would love to be proved wrong but unfortunately we have a impotent Council who will continue to worble over making this decision.

    • imustbeoldiwearacap

      Full pedestrianisation is not the answer – many town centre businesses rely on those who use their cars and use the on-street parking. What about the elderly who come into town on the bus – they need the bus stops near the shops.

  • Nicole

    When the council can learn how to phase traffic lights correctly and fix the 20 minute long jams across the entire town, THEN I’d be all for this plan. It’d be like having the mop in town every day. And we all know the mop is living proof that when you think Stratford traffic can’t get any worse, it can.

    • OCH Oldclassichint

      Worst pedestrian crossing by Mcdrive, you wait ages to get green as pedestrian and the green lasts less than 10 seconds.

  • Centre Parting

    Bridge Street is a wind tunnel.

  • Big Jim and The Twins

    Is that seating for all the eateries on Bridge Street, eg McDonald’s and Greggs?
    Sheep Street is the place to pedestrianise for sitting and eating.

    • kingcoil

      And no one is sanitising those seats and tables so use at your own risk !!