Government and EU backing town centre tree arrivals

More of the trees brought into Stratford town centre to soften the impact of the temporary traffic measures. Photo: Mark Williamson.

THE tree-mendous additions to Stratford’s town centre have popped up in locations all around the town in an attempt to soften the impact of the controversial traffic changes.

The new arrivals reported earlier today on the Herald website have also been spotted by our photographer Mark Williamson at the Sheep Street end of High Street.

As we mentioned earlier, there have been complaints galore about the look of the scheme, with the barriers and cones widely condemned as ugly and putting people off shopping in the centre.

The new town centre greenery has support from both the government and the EU. Photo: Mark Williamson

The trees and planters are expected to be joined by new picnic benches next week.

A closer look at the planters shows support has come from the government and the EU.

  • Big Jim and The Twins

    Close the roads to make more space to allow for pedestrians to social distancing, then fill that space with trees to squash people closer together.

    Which exhibition centre or departures lounge is missing their planters?

  • wicked messenger

    why would the EU support any scheme in a country which is no longer an EU member?

    • Big Jim and The Twins

      They probably didn’t. The Herald editor is a staunch remainer, so any excuse for a pro-EU headline in our local rag. I’m looking forward to hearing where they have been borrowed from.

      • KJ

        Finding out why the EU would be donating trees to UK towns might have made for a better story!
        but like you say, they’re most likely on loan and no one’s taken the labels off from a previous contract.
        I feel a bit of red-faced backtracking coming on from the Herald.