LOCKDOWN LOVEABLE: Terrier Teddy’s a proper lifesaver

Teddy loves his cuddles with Isabella, eight.

This cuddly Lockdown Loveable is the appropriately named Teddy. He’s a Lakeland and Wheaton terrier cross and is five years old.

The adorable bundle of fluff has been keeping the Blunt family – parents Amy and Richard, and children Isabella, eight, and Harry, 11 – entertained at their Warwickshire home during lockdown. Teddy was nominated by grandmother Valerie Steele, Amy’s mum, who has lived in Stratford for 64 years after moving to the town when she was seven, and for the last 50 years has been happily married to Ken.

Valerie told the Herald: “During lockdown with Richard furloughed, Amy working from home, and the children being home-schooled, Teddy has been making them laugh but also giving lots of cuddles when needed. He loves joining Isabella in the padding pool too and does his best to keep everyone’s spirits up.”

Amy and Ken have four children and seven grandchildren who they have missed seeing during lockdown, but were able to meet up with the Blunts for the first time since March after rules eased.

Valerie said: “We saw them all for the first time since lockdown last week. We sat in the garden and Richard did a barbecue. We had to do the two-metre rule, which was so hard, but instead of a cuddle we blew kisses to each other. However, Teddy doesn’t understand social distancing and went mad when he saw us.”

Have you got a much-loved pet who has helped you survive through the darkest days of lockdown? We’d like to hear about them – you can nominate them as a Herald Lockdown Loveable. Tell us all about them by emailing news@stratford-herald.com.