Knightcote solar farm proposal emerges

An example of a solar farm

Proposals for a new solar farm between Knightcote and Bishops Itchington have come to light.

A screening application, usually made in advance of a formal planning application being made, details a proposed 96.4 hectare solar farm on agricultural land.

The site is made up of approximately 11 fields and the farm itself would consist of multiple rows of solar panels as well as other equipment and storage containers.

Submitted by the Pegasus Group, the application covers a site in open countryside, 490m south of Bishops Itchington and 480m North of Knightcote.

According to a report on the council’s online planning portal, there are no known historical, cultural or archaeological designations on the site, but the proposal could have implications for the settings of nearby listed buildings and monuments.

The report concludes that the applicant would need to submit an environmental impact assessment to accompany any forthcoming planning application.

  • 1jamessmith1

    so how much electrics will be produced from October to April?

    • Wet Letice

      Should they just build a coal plant on the land then?

      • 1jamessmith1

        Wel Letice yes coal plants usually are built on the land, because that is where most of the demand for electrics is. I don’t foresee whales and fish needing electrics

  • BirdBrain

    Based on my solar panels, about half the summer “electrics”.

    Dec-Mar 345 KWh
    Apr-Jun 665 KWh

    • 1jamessmith1

      Birdbrain (for real?) most of the demand for electrics is in the colder darker months. This is when as you kindly tell us the solar panels are least productive. Batteries are not very good at holding electrics for long periods of time