Demolition begins at Stratford’s former Picturehouse Cinema


A demolition team has begun tearing down Stratford’s former Picturehouse Cinema, with the site set to be developed into a hotel.

The Picturehouse, which had operated for 22 years, closed its doors back in January with permission already granted for the new Travelodge hote.

Landlord Igor Kolodotschko has argued that the arrival of Bell Court’s Everyman Cinema made the Picturehouse no longer viable.

However some within Stratford’s hospitality industry have expressed concerns that the town is approaching saturation point in terms of hotel rooms.

  • KJ

    Travelodge are charlatans. They have reneged on their rent payments to their landlords, but they continue to develop new hotels.

  • Ombulu


  • Sirpc

    Absolutely awful that this has been let happen by SDC and them approving a socially exclusive cinema at Bell Court in the everyman.
    as well as greedy landowner Igor Kolodotschko many other “local” businesses have worked on the destruction of this community asset, namely –
    Les Greenwood – Greenwood Planning
    Victoria Chaddaway – SDC
    AA Architecture

    • Sirpc

      Exactly Robert weeks.

      Still, here’s hoping greedy landowner Igor gets his hand bitten by travelodge as many other commercial landlords will do.

      The pandemic and brexit aren’t looking good for the return of the 1-day tourists

  • wicked messenger

    Bit by bit – and not before too long – Bell Court will close down, taking the everyman with it. And Stratford will regret what it has lost.

    • Sirpc

      They can reap what they sow.
      this town has been run for 1-day tourists for far too long and it’s day of reckoning may be coming.

  • Stuart Jarvis

    An extremely sad photo. I was first Manager of the cinema and didn’t think it would be demolished so soon. A sad day for Stratford-upon-Avon