Changes considered to Stratford’s problematic town centre scheme

Major changes have been made throughout much of the town centre Photo: Mark Williamson

Big changes to Stratford’s controversial town centre scheme could be on the way, with the county council currently reviewing options, following a backlash from businesses.

On Wednesday night a virtual meeting of town centre businesses and representatives from Stratforward and the district and county councils took place.

There appears to be a general consensus that the current temporary layout is causing serious problems, but many businesses are split over what needs to change.

Some want the whole scheme abandoned, some want the current scheme tweaked and some prefer the idea of pedestrianising the town centre.

During Wednesday’s meeting Stratford’s Town Transport Group presented a proposal to pedestrianise a large section of Stratford Town Centre.

Stratford North county councillor Dominic Skinner, who has been liasing with businesses over their concerns, confirmed that a meeting between elected representatives and county council officers took place yesterday to discuss possible changes.

During the meeting different options, including the pedestrianised scheme, were presented.

Cllr Skinner said: “There have been a lot of concerns raised about a number of issues, one of the biggest being problems over deliveries. There was no real consensus at Wednesday’s meeting, but everyone agreed that what is currently in place is not working.

“There was always going to be a temporary scheme and it has been designed to protect people, not to make it easier to drive around the town centre.

“I and other representatives from Stratford had a meeting with county council officers today to put forward a number of options. The pedestrianised scheme put together by the Town Transport Group was one of those and they have now gone away to review it.

“Things are in motion and I think we will be in a position where changes are made next week.”

Yesterday, Warwickshire County Council announced it would remove temporary road space allocation measures in Rugby from Sunday after failing to reach a consensus on the scheme with local businesses, partners and stakeholders.

  • kingcoil

    Stratford’s Town Transport Group? who are what is this and who is it made up from ? I have never heard of such a group is this more BS ?

  • kingcoil

    I just did a google search and it is a bunch of people that know absoloutly nothing about transport i am not surprised though

  • mike hobbs

    Stratford council….ha ha….not fit for purpose….

    • imustbeoldiwearacap

      It was Warwickshire not Stratford!

      • mike hobbs

        they’re shit too

  • SJD67

    Have a look at

    Of the 19 members only one appears to have anything to do with transport, the group coming up with the proposed scheme meet once a month for an hour and a half.

    I’m filled with confidence now!