Cyclists welcome Stratford town centre changes


Cyclists have welcomed changes to Stratford town centre saying it offers the one-off chance to explore how the town can be made more bike friendly.

A range of changes including a new one-way system, wider pedestrian walkways and new signage, are due to be put in place by tomorrow (Monday) to allow retailers to re-open and to observe social distancing guidelines.

Although it is not a full pedestrianisation of the town centre, the wider pedestrian areas will mean less space for vehicles, which may well result in a noticeable reduction of cars in the town centre.

A map detailing the new one-way system to be introduced in Stratford.

For those running on pedal power, the focus on reallocating road space to encourage cycling and walking has been welcomed.

This week the Stratford Cycle Forum praised Warwickshire County Council for coming up with the new scheme so quickly.

Bob Bearman, convenor of the Forum said: “The Cycle Forum, along with many other groups, has long pressed for a more pedestrian/cycle friendly scheme for the town centre. We recognise, of course, that these current proposals are temporary.

“But they also provide a one-off chance to find out what a town centre re-configured in the interests of pedestrians and cyclists will really be like. Hopefully, the benefits will then lead to some at least of these changes being made permanent.”

Adrian Williams, CEO of Stratford bicycle manufacturer Pashley, said: “It would be great to see Stratford being much more cycling and walking friendly. The “Lockdown” has shown us all how much calmer and cleaner the local environment can be without the noise and pollution of traffic and it has been great to see so many adults and children enjoying cycling whilst the roads have been relatively car free.  Any initiatives to encourage more people to walk and cycle in town must be applauded.

  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    As a cyclist, I’m not impressed – they have made the roads too narrow.

  • Brendan Spillane

    It is now impossible for anyone living out to the West (Old Town, anywhere off Evesham Rd) to get into the centre of town, without cycling down Grove Road and Arden St. The increased traffic on these roads and the narrowness of Grove Road make it ridiculous that this is now the only cycle route to the town centre.