Have you got a Lockdown Loveable?!


If you’ve got a champion pet that’s bringing comfort to your during the coronavirus pandemic then we would love to hear about them!

In this week’s edition of the Herald we featured Alex, a very special cat and the first of the Herald’s Lockdown Loveables.

Alex helping Joshua with his homework.

One-eyed Alex is a 14-year-old Persian, shares his birthday with the Queen no less, and lives with the Lock family in Stratford – mum and dad Darya and Andrew, and children Joshua, 11, and Emily, six.

Darya said: “Sadly Alex lost one of his eyes last year but that doesn’t stop him from helping the kids with their homework, cuddling up every morning when they wake up and be part of everything we do! He is actually more like a puppy rather than a cat, and the kindest, most thoughtful little soul.”

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