NFU talks wellbeing for new work era

Trisha Jones from NFU Mutual

VIRTUAL wellbeing was the focus for NFU Mutual during last week’s focus on Mental Health Awareness.

The Stratford-based insurer launched a programme to support its staff as they transition into new ways of working as a result of coronavirus crisis.

The additional support comes as a survey of NFU Mutual customers has shown that 74 per cent of people are feeling more isolated since the UK went into lockdown.

The programme saw a variety of sessions hosted by internal and external experts, including discussions on mental wellbeing and staying connected, a lunchtime yoga session and financial planning seminar.

The campaign also gave the chance to share new and existing resources, such as a wellbeing video playlist and working remotely guide, while highlighting support systems and contacts available, such as the Employee Assistance Helpline.

HR director Trisha Jones said: “I believe good mental health is vital for everyone’s general wellbeing and even more so whilst we are all still adjusting to a new way of everyday life.

“One of our strategic aims is to be a great place to work and, as a responsible business, Mental Health Awareness Week provided the opportunity for NFU Mutual to encourage staff to think about their own wellbeing and mental health, as well as looking out for each other.”

Claims specialist Jackie Bulman said: “I found the sessions really helpful, with lots of ideas about how to be kinder to myself and to protect my mental health.

“Having suffered from episodes of anxiety earlier this year which resulted in time off work, I felt the session showed both empathy towards those taking part and understanding of people’s mental health needs.

“One session allowed me to make a connection with a colleague experiencing similar mental health issues, making a positive difference to us both.”

As well as offering additional staff support, NFU Mutual has made donations totalling £1.8m to aid communities across the UK during the current health emergency.