Distillery comes up trumps with hand sanitiser supplies

Distillery owner Peter Monks delivers their new line of hand sanitiser to the Shakespeare Hospice

A NEW hand sanitiser created by the Shakespeare Distillery has been delivered to frontline workers.

The Shakespeare Hospice and NHS staff were at the head of the queue but the likes of Avon Boating have also received a supply.

Better known for its gin, the Stratford-based company is producing hand sanitiser alongside the regular distillation of gin by re-purposing an area of the distillery.

Owner Peter Monks said: “Our first deliveries of the hand sanitisers have now been produced and delivered, and we wanted to prioritise those who need it most, particularly in our local area.

“Now that key community groups, NHS staff and local businesses have started receiving orders, we are producing sanitisers for people across the wider region from all industries.

“We hope these sanitisers can help in some way to help these different people and groups to stay safe during these difficult times.

“We’d also like to say our personal thanks to all the NHS staff working incredibly hard, the community groups helping the most vulnerable in our region and local businesses who are adjusting to the situation and helping where they can.

“During lockdown, we’ve also created a new home gin tasting kit for gin-lovers to enjoy, accompanied by a video from our mixologist Sam. While they can’t visit the distillery for a tour at the moment, it allows people to sip along at home and has received a great response so far.”

The orders were delivered by electric vehicles provided by Electric Zoo, a Coventry-based company which has supported Shakespeare Distillery’s initiative to prioritise local charities to be the first to receive the sanitisers.

Helen Peters, chief executive of Shakespeare’s England, praised the company for getting its first orders of the new product out to those most in need.

She said: “As businesses look towards the re-start of the economy, they need to prepare to ensure that customers and staff remain safe so these sanitisers provided by Shakespeare Distillery are so important as we look ahead to that time.

“We have been impressed to see how our members have been working to support the local community despite these difficult times, and we would like to thank them for their continued support.”