Council shortlists projects which could receive developer cash


A list of major infrastructure projects potentially funded by money from developers, is to be considered by councillors.

The new Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) was approved by the leader of the council last week and outlines a series of projects which may be wholly or partly funded by CIL contributions, money paid to the council by local developers for every square metre of land they build on.

Overall 25 specific projects were submitted to the council for consideration, but that has now been narrowed down to 18, with the Cabinet set to get the final say on which of these will get the cash.

Among the projects in the running for money are a Severn Meadows Road cycle route, a flood alleviation scheme at the brook near Stratford Racecourse, a canal quarter railway bridge, junction improvements on Evesham Place and a link road from Western Road to Birmingham Road via Hamlet Way.

Support for Stratford Park and Ride, local bus services and various flood management and cycle improvement schemes across the district are also included on the list.

Among those which will not be considered are improvements to the Rother Street/Chestnut Walk/Grove Road junction, and the footbridge over the River Stour at Banbury Road in Shipston, both of which were considered to be of only local importance.

Various proposals from the Canal and River Trust were also rejected due to insufficient information being provided while other schemes were not picked up as funding is potentially available from other sources.

The council is required by law to put together an IFS and plans to further update the list at the end of 2020.



  • Big Jim and The Twins

    The reopening of Stratford-upon-Avon according to Stratforward!!

    ‘We were getting in touch with all our businesses to see what support they require
    to enable them to reopen safely employees and visitors the confidence to come
    into the town we will need more space to enable businesses to operate safely even if it is just locals coming into the town’ says Stratforward’s Joe Baconett in this week’s Herald.

    ‘..EVEN IF IT JUST LOCALS coming into town’??
    JUST locals?? This comment from Stratforward speaks volumes. Tourists before residents, no matter what.
    Good on Stratford District Council for refusing to bail them out during the shutdown.
    Joe Baconett should resign for this, and for gradually eroding the businesses in Stratford in favour of the markets, and events such as ‘Down at the farm’, ‘Stratford on Oz’. There are rate paying shops in Stratford that don’t bother opening on market days because business is so poor!

  • SJD67

    When we opened a business on Western Road nearly 3 years ago we enquired about joining Stratforward and received a very snotty email that we weren’t eligible as we weren’t in town, the tone of which was quite patronising and rude, we didn’t realise that only businesses right in the centre of town could be part of the elite and we were the poor relations.

    Would be good if there was an organisation for ALL the businesses in Stratford on Avon rather than just a few. Our business relies on “the locals” but we also benefit a number of other businesses in town as a lot of our clients come to see us from further afield and then stay in town for the day, bringing additional revenue into the area.