Wizards drop in for online chat this Wednesday

Jonathan Case (Scorpius Malfoy) Jamie Ballard (Harry Potter)

Playbox Theatre’s innovative Chatterbox series, where actors and other creatives share their experience with a young online audience, is to host two Harry Potter stars this week.

Jonathan Case and Jamie Ballard – aka Scorpius Malfoy and Harry Potter from hit West End show Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – will be online at 4pm this Wednesday for the hour-long session hosted by actor and writer Calum Finlay.

Chatterbox sees Calum in conversation with fellow actors, directors and artists from across the industry with a series of candid and casual interviews about career choices, advice for young actors, and how we’re experiencing a changing world in 2020. Hosted via ZOOM Webinar, 100 participants will be able to take part in the interviews via a live Q&A with the panellists. The interviews are be streamed live via YouTube.

Young people can register to be part of the question and answer session by visiting www.playboxtheatre.com/chatterbox

Everyone can watch the livestream via YouTube on Playbox’s account youtube.com/playboxtheatre