Orbit says it will continue collecting charges


Orbit Housing have no plans to drop tenants’ service charges during the coronavirus pandemic, but will adjust charges where it cannot provide a normal level of service.

Over recent weeks there have been calls for Orbit to drop the service charges, and some such as Stratford North county councillor Cllr Dominic Skinner have gone further and urged to company to suspend rental payments.

It has been argued that Orbit are in a better position to access financial support from the Government than its tenants, many of whom may be self-employed and struggling to get by during the pandemic.

Orbit have already said they will not be suspending rents, but this week the company also confirmed that service charges will also stay.

Peter Cook, head of service charge at Orbit Housing, said: “The current outbreak of coronavirus is unprecedented, however the priority for Orbit at this time is to do everything we can to best support our customers. The situation brings exceptional practical challenges as we strive to continue to deliver operational services.

“We are continuing to deliver emergency repairs and complete all compliance and safety works as well as maintaining a presence on our estates and schemes with grounds maintenance. Cleaning and property management inspections are still taking place although at times with reduced frequency.

“While we will continue to collect service charges as we normally do, adjustments will be made to ensure customers pay for services received. If any customer is having difficulty paying or is worried about meeting future payments, we encourage them to make contact with us.”

  • kingcoil

    Dear Peter Cook you are such a liar is your nose growing as you speak ? You should be called CROOK not Cook.How are you supporting your customers ? you are not mowing grass you are not cleaning up the estates in fact you are doing as you always do VERY little !! The massive 41 million pounds profit you made last year should be used to suspend residents Yes not customers rents and service charges.You are allegedly a charity so the charity commission should investigate your croked company !!

    • 1jamessmith1

      kingcoil as much as I’m not a fan of Orbit, your remark about the grass cutting. Where I live near Brookside Road Orbit have cut the grass in the last week at the worst

      • kingcoil

        Take a walk around other estates where Orbit manage the upkeep and you will see a different story

        • 1jamessmith1

          such as…..

          • kingcoil

            Bishopton fields Drayton Avenue Holly Walk in fact that whole estate

          • 1jamessmith1

            then the chances are we are both looking at the same thing at different times