Cotswolds Distillery keeps up live music – virtually

Veronica Sbergia and Max De Bernardi

WHEN you’ve been out to clap our NHS heroes and all key workers this evening you can then settle down to some quality music thanks to a partnership between the Cotswolds Distillery and promoter Tim Porter.

They have launched The Cotswolds Distillery (Virtually Live) Sessions on Facebook Live to bring music from different artists around the world into your home every Thursday evening.

Tonight, 9th April, at 8.30pm on The Cotswolds Distillery’s Facebook page there will be chance to see a set from Veronica Sbergia and Max de Bernardi live from their home in Milan.

The duo play country blues and ragtime, hokum, jug band and rural music from the 20s and 30s, with a modern twist.

They use acoustic instruments such as ukuleles, washboard, kazoo, acoustic and resophonic guitars.

These virtual sessions are a way of continuing the Distillery Sessions which The Cotswolds Distillery had been hosting at the Distillery in Stourton earlier in the year, again linking up with Tim, the well-known promoter and live music champion in and around Shipston.

He said: “This unfortunate situation gives me an opportunity to try something different, and with the contacts I have built up over the years, I can bring the audience music from different parts of the world.”