Shipston enjoys another fantastic lights display

An image taken earlier in the month showing the impressive display by Clearsound Productions

Shipston once again enjoyed a fantastic lights display in the sky on Sunday night thanks to a local company determined to lift people’s spirits during the coronavirus pandemic.

Inspired by the sound of residents clapping for the NHS each week, audio-lighting company Clearsound Productions aims to also try and bring locals together through light.

Clearsound put on its first lights display for the town on 29th March pointing powerful beams of light into the sky from their premises on Tilemans Lane.

On Sunday the company tried something different, placing lights in the gardens of three of its staff across Shipston, with the light beams converging above the town centre.

Each set of beams then performed a number of patterns and manoeuvres.

Dan Ridd, director of Clearsound Productions, said: “We ran it all using a laptop and made sure we were coordinating when we switched patterns or changed colours, it worked really well and we’ve had some great feedback. It was a bit more difficult this time because it was lighter with the full moon, but overall, it was successful.

“We’re not doing another on Sunday because it’s Easter and we don’t want to milk it, but we’re talking to other companies like ours all over Europe and in a couple of weeks’ time we’re looking to do something again. One of our guys wants it to be something you can see from space.”