KES formally submits Manor Road sports field plans

The proposed six houses are for an area of unused land fronting Manor Road – seen here on the left. Photo: Google Street View

Plans for a £1million upgrade of the KES Sports facilities on Manor Road have been formally submitted to Stratford District Council.

The application seeks permission for a range of improvements including a new all-weather artificial pitch, enhanced athletics area and the renovation and modernisation of the listed sports pavilion.

The improvements have been generally welcomed so far, with local sports clubs throwing their support behind the proposal.

Headmaster Bennet Carr said: “The reaction to our plans from the public has been brilliant so far, the principle of improving the sports facilities has generally been accepted. We’ve had a lot of positive comments from residents and even some of those who have previously been sceptical of the scheme are now supportive of what we want to do.”

The money for the redevelopment of the sports facilities has come from the sale of a small parcel of land on the border with Manor Road, just under five per cent of the total area of the sports fields, which will be redeveloped into six houses.

The full application will be available to view online on Stratford District Council’s planning portal in the coming weeks.


  • JD Hogg

    Selling off chunks of the field to pay for improvements (which really amounts to maintenance) is the thin end of the wedge. Having said that, the benefits of the scheme are very good compared to the loss of land.
    Perhaps if they were serious, they would extend that legal covenant to the entire playing field.
    It’s certainly not as bad as I thought it would be.

  • Centre Parting

    I hope the floodlit area will be tolerable for the adjacent residents.
    It will only be a matter of time until there are restrictions placed on the Stratford Town ground lights in Tiddington as complaints flood in from the new houses on the
    Loxley Road.