Her Majesty the Queen says our united effort will help better days return

A rare moment when the nation stopped to gather round the television to watch an address by Her Majesty the Queen

THE address to the nation by Her Majesty the Queen has been broadcast this evening, Sunday, praising those in the front line tackling the impact of coronavirus – and those who are staying at home to help slow its spread.

Comments had been released ahead of the 8pm transmission that Her Majesty would express the hope that future generations would look back and say we had handled the crisis well.

The full broadcast saw her expand on the character we are showing, as we look to minimise the impact of the virus.

Her words were interspersed with footage of key workers on that front line and also showed the support they are getting from the nation, saying the applause on Thursday evenings and the rainbow pictures in windows would also be remembered as part of the spirit we showed.

She highlighted the hard work going on in other countries as well and how we were all facing a period where so many people could be feeling isolated. She recalled her first ever broadcast in the war, with her sister Margaret, when they wanted to reach young people who were separated from their families at that time.

In the very different circumstances of now, she praised the resolve being shown and said that we will be with friends and families again and will meet again.

This was the very heart of the message – that we were all playing a part and that by doing so better days would return.