CORONAVIRUS: Shipston mayor proud how town has stepped up


I appreciate and understand that a lot of people are worried or even scared by the prospect of the virus, but I’m also proud of how well the community has stepped up to face the challenge ahead. 

Since the introduction of the extended restrictions last Monday we’ve seen the Shipston SOS group founded, and it’s now providing assistance to a large number of people who are having to self-isolate. It’s helping with basics such as shopping, or collection of medication, and calling people who are lonely.  If you’re in Shipston and are struggling in this way then please call Shipston SOS on 01608 495010 or email

We’ve also seen a spectacular response to the Clap for the NHS, and it was truly heart-warming to be able to share that moment with so many in the town, all from our own doorsteps.

This was matched by the spectacular lightshow on Sunday evening from Clearsound Productions which was visible to most of the surrounding area.  It’s a testament to Dan and Dan that run Clearsound that while their business has been decimated by the lockdown, their reaction was to do something for the community.

We’ve always had a strong sense of community in Shipston and its actions like this that are going to ensure we all keep going during this time.

I want to add my voice to the chorus of appreciation for the NHS and our healthcare workers, but I also want to go further.  The people that work in our supermarkets have been put under enormous pressure, both due to the availability of supplies, but also trying to maintain social distancing to keep customers safe.  I want to thank them all, but also the truck drivers bring the goods to the shops, and the farmers that are still working so hard to keep the country supplied with food.

It’s fair to say that everyone is currently facing an unprecedented time ahead, and we’re all going to need to find ways of adjusting to the new normal, but by staying in, and staying safe we can all do our part to get beyond this as rapidly as possible.