CORONAVIRUS: Leisure Centre could be used to help the most vulnerable

Picture from Google

Preparations are being made to use Stratford Leisure Centre as a hub to deliver vital supplies to the most vulnerable residents in the district.

Earlier this week the government urged 1.5million people categorised as being most at risk from the coronavirus, such as those who have received organ transplants or were living with respiratory illnesses, to stay at home.

On Monday the Prime Minister went on to advise everyone not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

During today’s extraordinary meeting of Stratford District Council it was revealed that preparations are being made for Stratford Leisure Centre to be used as a hub to distribute essential supplies to any of those 1.5million residents, categorised as most at risk, who live within the district.

It would not be somewhere for other residents to access supplies, but used as a delivery hub from where supply parcels will be distributed to the most vulnerable.