YES! You can buy the Herald today! Includes free copy of FOCUSLife


The Stratford Herald is on sale from today at the usual outlets. Alternatively you can buy a copy online. You can buy a one-off copy here or request a regular subscription here.*

In today’s edition there is all the local coronavirus news – including the latest information; how people are rallying around to support those in needs; and messages from leaders and readers.

There are stories from the community – including Bridgetown School headteacher Jane Tailby’s account of an incredible week; a wedding that managed to take place in the nick of time; and how artists are spending their time in retreat.

In FOCUSLife you can find a wealth of local history stories to be amazed by; the quintessential Victoria sponge to bake; boredom-busting lockdown suggestions; and we share Herald photographer Mark Williamson’s amazing award-winning portfolio.

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