CORONAVIRUS: How not to be bored in isolation

Don't be like Mr Bored here - do things!

It’s said that Shakespeare spent his time during the playhouse closures from the plague writing King Lear. Isaac Newton is reputed to have defined his theory of gravity. Here are a few ideas for how to spend your time in isolation.

Watch a box set

From Friends to Game of Thrones, most of us have some of our best-loved shows sitting waiting for us on DVD. And, of course, today’s streaming services – Netflix, Amazon Prime and the like – make it even easier to sit back and enjoy your favourite telly moments.

Read some books

Whether your tastes are literary – Hilary Mantel, Salman Rushdie etc – or more in the commercial vein, such as Lee Child, Stephen King or Sophie Kinsella, now’s the time to arm yourself with a cuppa and a cushion and get stuck in.

Write a novel

They say everyone’s got a novel in them somewhere. If your excuse all these years has been “I just don’t have time”, then now’s your moment. No more excuses.


We all love the Great British Bake Off, but how about having a go yourself? As long as other people’s panic-buying doesn’t stop you sourcing the ingredients – or you can manage to find a vacant home delivery slot – then the kitchen’s your oyster.

Play games

Dig out those board games from the back of the cupboard and roll those dice. If you haven’t played Monopoly or Cluedo since the power cuts of 73 and you couldn’t tell your Colonel Mustard from your Professor Plum, brush up on the rules and start some family arguments.

Alphabetise your shelves

An old favourite, this one, and you don’t need to restrict yourself to books either: you can get to grips with everything from CDs and LPs to DVDs and videos – remember them?

Clear out the shed

There’s a double benefit to this one: as well as getting rid of a load of old tat that’s been sitting there unused for years, it also gives you an excuse for getting into the outdoors and grabbing a few lungfuls of fresh air.