QUIZ: Test your Shakespeare knowledge


Can you go four rounds with the Bard? We’ve got four rounds of cunning questions to test your Shakespeare. Will you be ‘Marvolio’ or Bottom of the class?!? We’re publishing Round One today, with answers and Round Two tomorrow. Thanks to reader Paul Norris for coming up with this first round.

Round one: Word play Which Shakespeare play title contains (hint: the word may be the end letters of one word and the start of another):
1 A large flat piece of rock?
2 Condition of an out of date product?
3 A green salad vegetable?
4 A vegetable used in Chinese cooking?
5 An African country?
6 Rhythmic singing?
7 An untruth?
8 A boxing match?
9 A famous foreign Manchester Utd footballer signed in 2001?
10 Something to be filled in?
11 500 Sheets of paper?
12 A French bear?
13 A fire in a room?
14 One of Santa’s little helpers?
15 Finely ground rock?
16 Movement of water at sea?