CORONAVIRUS: Liberal Democrat councillors call for parking charges to be dropped

The Windsor Street car park in Stratford-upon-Avon

Several opposition district and county councillors are calling for parking charges to be dropped in Stratford, to ease the strain on the on-street parking network during the coronavirus pandemic.

Liberal Democrat county councillors Jenny Fradgley, Kate Rolfe and Dominic Skinner want on-street parking and town centre car park charges in Stratford to be suspended and free parking allowed for residents in zones closest to the Windsor Street Car Park.

The trio also want residents with parking permits to be able to park outside of their zones if no other spaces are available, without facing fines.

In a post on Facebook, Cllr Skinner explained that with residents self-isolating, more strain was being put on the existing on-street parking network.

He added that talks on the issue with both Stratford District Council and Warwickshire County Council were ongoing.

  • Centre Parting

    Too late anyway – hyaena traffic wardens destroyed the town centre some time ago.

  • Dick Walker

    The purpose of traffic wardens during lockdown is a debatable topic. eg. Are they considered to be a necessity when there is hardly any traffic in town ? If they are instructed to work from home, how will the council recover the loss of its parking fine revenue ? By insisting they continue to work is the council taking an unsympathetic stance compared to other authorities in these difficult times ? They could for example be employed to assist in other areas of need. But then the same council closed the Bancroft.