CORONAVIRUS: Council urges people to stay away from its offices except in an emergency

Stratford District Council

THE main reception at Stratford District Council has been closed to the public following Government guidance aimed at tackling the spread of coronavirus.

Arrangements have been made for residents in an emergency, such as homelessness, to speak by a phone link in the outer lobby to a member of staff inside.

The council is stressing that visiting it’s Elizabeth House offices for anything other than an emergency matter contravenes Government guidance on isolation and that if people can ring from home or another safe place instead than they should do so.

The council’s call centre remains open for residents to continue to speak by a phone by calling 01789 267575.

However the call centre is currently receiving very high call volumes and callers should bear this in mind.

Cllr Tony Jefferson, leader of Stratford-on-Avon District Council said: “This is a very fluid and fast moving situation.

“Often, announcements are made and the detailed guidance follows later. We are also constrained by current legislation although we expect this to be relaxed shortly.

“Everyone is working flat out in very challenging circumstances.

“We all appreciate the level of fear and uncertainty there is around, and our contact centre is dealing with difficult and emotional calls. Please try to restrict you requests to the urgent and important.

“We are doing the best we can in these volatile times.”

You can also contact the district council by email, though urgent matters will be prioritised.