Superfan Molly impresses with six visits to see The Boy in the Dress

Molly Bluck with David Walliams pictured outside the theatre; and with a ticket from the last week of the show signed by the author.

Mollie Bluck, aged nine, from Long Marston, has shown fan-tastic dedication by seeing the Royal Shakespeare Company’s festive musical an impressive six times, and clocking up selfies with the cast and creatives. Here she tells Herald arts about being a mega fan of the show – which had its last performance on 8th March.

Molly and her mum Dawn pictured with Irvine Iqbal, who played Raj in the show.

Were you a fan of David Walliams or the book version of The Boy in the Dress before seeing the show?
I am an avid watcher of Britain’s Got Talent and my favourite David Walliams book before I saw The Boy in the Dress was The Midnight Gang.

What makes the show so special?
I’d only been once to the RSC before, with my mum to watch A Christmas Carol, however the The Boy in the Dress was so much better as it was funny and made me laugh. I loved it and it made me want to dance, and it wasn’t scary.

What do you think the message of The Boy in the Dress is?
The story is about a boy who feels like he’s not ordinary, so he puts on the dress and he feels he can be ordinary and himself. When he got expelled he made the headteacher who wasn’t ordinary feel he could also put on a dress and be ordinary. I liked that it made him feel happy to be different.

Who is your favourite character and why?
My favourite character was Dennis’s big brother John. I was so excited to spot him before a show and get a picture, I only wish I had remembered to ask him did he want a Magnum! [In-joke from the show!]

Which is your favourite song or scene?
My favourite scene would have to be Disco Symphony as it made me want to get up and Dance Dance Dance! [Molly sings the chorus.] I was lucky enough at half-term to attend a workshop [at the Clore Learning Centre, RSC, Waterside] with four of my best friends where we had instruction from a professional choreographer from the RSC who taught us the moves to two of the dances from the show, Lisa James and Disco Symphony, which we all loved. My favourite song is Ordinary.

What show would you like the RSC to do next?
I would love it if the RSC and David Walliams were to make shows of The Midnight Gang or Gangsta Granny as I think they would go down a storm.

Finally, what would you like to do when you are older?
I am keen to be a vet as I love animals, and my favourite pet of the show was Odd Bod – he had serious wind issues which would need a vet’s assistance!

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