Man stopped on M40 eating yoghurt and steering with knees


There’s a time and a place for eating a tasty yoghurt, but driving down the M40 and steering with your knees is certainly not it.

However this is exactly what one motorist was caught doing by officers from Warwickshire Police’s Operational Patrol Unit (OPU) yesterday.

A post by the OPU on its Facebook page read: “OPU officers stopped a clever soul today using both hands to eat this yoghurt on the M40 whilst using his knees to steer with.
Reported for not being in proper control of his vehicle.”

  • Big Jim and The Twins

    Don’t eat yogurt when driving.

    On a more important topic..why not let everyone know that Windsor Street is going to be completely closed for 59 weeks for the Picture House Travelodge project. It’s on the Stratford e-planning website. Fifty nine weeks!? Is the council really going to allow this!

    • 1jamessmith1

      Big Jim and The Twins the driver traveling down the M40 eating the yoghurt ought to have got some points and a fine for such recklessness. Suppose an accident happened, who would pay for that, not the driver I imagine?

      The Windsor Street building work, closed completely for just over a year, we shall see. There are a few businesses including a little cafe by the car park and a chineese restaurant, I hope that they are properly compensated for their loss of trade