Wellesbourne Church Centre broken into over weekend

Rev. Greg Bartlem has posted notices around the church premises asking those responsible for the break-ins to think about the consequences of their actions.

CALLOUS thieves have once again targetted St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne, following a break-in at the church centre over the weekend.

It’s the third time in a fortnight the church or property associated with it has been damaged following break-ins or theft.

This time damage to a window and doors was caused on 22nd February at St Peter’s Church Centre but nothing was taken, however, an unknown amount of money was recently stolen from a collection box in St Peter’s Church itself and a door to the vestry has also been damaged.

Rev. Greg Bartlem of St Peters said: “I suspect it’s all connected. I’ve no idea of the cost of the damaged door in the church centre but it will run into hundreds of pounds and will need replacing.”