Shipston School security fences opposed by town council

Shipston High School

New security measures designed to prevent trespassing and improve safeguarding at Shipston High School are being opposed by the town council.

The proposal is to install new and replacement fencing along its boundaries as well as three new automatic access gates.

Within the application the school argues that the current state of security at the site is insufficient and falls short of safeguarding standards, noting that there had been incidents of trespassers being abusive towards staff and causing damage to school property.

It also states that the 2.4m fence has been designed to change the current look of the school very little.

However the town council has raised concerns about accessibility, suggesting that vehicles may back up onto the public highway when the gates are closed.

Worries about access to the leisure centre site and the safety of pupils who may find themselves locked out of the school were also highlighted.

The council argues that the fence would be detrimental to the wider views of the school.

The Highways Department at Warwickshire County Council is also currently objecting to the application, explaining that they have not been provided with enough information to assess the impact on highways.

A decision on the application is currently scheduled to be made at the end of this month.

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    The school are best placed to know what their needs are and how to acheive them