Pavements benefit from major repair work


DANGEROUS paving slabs in Bridge Street have finally been replaced following a large scale repair programme which started in January.

Work continues on the side of Bridge Street where Boots and WH Smith are located but on the opposite side the work is complete and pedestrians can once again enjoy walking without fear of tripping on this section of Bridge Street. High Street is also the focus of major repair work.

Over £200,000 was pumped into the repair of pavements which were cracked or wobbly and had been a hazard for several years.

Stratford’s three county councillors – Jenny Fradgley, Kate Rolfe and Dominic Skinner, (pictured) all Lib Dems, joined forces to spend money allocated to them on making Stratford’s pavements safer after a catalogue of injuries to pedestrians who were sent tumbling in the town centre.

Cllr Rolfe said: “It’s absolutely incredible. I think they’ve done a really good job. The contractors have always been pleasant and the shop owners were happy their shops could stay open. It’s nice to be able to walk and feel comfortable about not falling over and I like the quality of the stone – it’s lighter and really pleasant.”

The new pavements were also praised by Cllr Jenny Fradgley who said: “It’s been sensitively done and I’ve had lots of comments from people saying what a good job by the contractors who have been ready to chat to people and enabled access to shops easily.”

  • KJ

    Great news that some change has happened to show that at least some elements of the council have taken action about the pavements.
    Henley Street’s paving revamp is also close to being finished. Who decided to use yellow and pink dyed concrete blocks rather than decent natural stone cobbles?
    I heard someone describing the new paving as ‘something from Disneyland, Florida.’
    Luckily for all business rate and council tax payers, who thought maybe the final product could have been better, the new blocks are due to be pulled up again when Shakespeare’s Birthplace get permission to move their fencing forward.