Opposition councillors call for Orbit cash windfall to be ring-fenced


Liberal Democrat councillors are calling for a cash windfall of almost £1million to be ring-fenced for affordable housing and community support initiatives.

Last month the Herald revealed that the council was in line for a payment of around £970,000 following the sale of a number of Orbit garage sites across the district in November and December.

The money is part of an agreement that entitles the authority to 50 per cent of any sales, having originally transferred its housing stock to Orbit in the 1990s.

A previous round of sales in 2017/2018 saw the council receive £1.4million, which was used for affordable housing provision.

The idea is one if a series of Liberal Democrat amendments to the council’s draft budget which are expected to be considered at next week’s Full Council meeting, at which the budget will be finalised.

As well as this the Liberal Democrats are proposing that the council use £100,000 to establish a Community Climate Change Fund, allowing groups to apply for grants to support climate friendly improvements.

Such improvements could be better insulation at community buildings, investing in green energy i such as solar and wind power, community electric vehicle charging points, tree planting and cycle paths.

This £100,000 would be in addition to the one-off £500,000 the council is already proposing spend on climate change initiatives within its budget.

The group’s other proposals include spending an additional £10,000 on refurbishing the Hopkins Precinct Play Area in Alcester and providing £50,000 more to Citizens Advice South Warwickshire for its Reach Out and Help scheme.

The most expensive proposal put forward by the opposition group is a further £150,000 to help people move on from temporary accommodation to either private rented housing or social housing.

A decision on whether to include any of the opposition group’s budget amendments will be made during tomorrow’s (Monday) Full Council meeting.

  • KJ

    Stratford Orbit are all too frequently incompetent at looking after their properties, and less than helpful to their vulnerable tenants who they are supposed to support. The council should definitely have more control over them.

    • 1jamessmith1

      kj SDC would do better to fire Orbit and take back control