Heritage Crime Training Event


FIVE Warwickshire Police officers joined sixty colleagues from seven other forces in England to be trained as heritage crime officers.

The training covered all aspects of heritage crime including illegal metal detecting, theft of lead and other metals, crimes against monuments, buildings, artefacts and sites of special historic interest, plus much more.

Sgt Bob Shaw, PC Rachael Smith, PC Craig Purcell, PCSO Ed King and rural crime officer Carol Cotterill are now trained rural, wildlife and heritage crime officers. Further training for more officers in the force is being arranged for later in the year with Heritage England.

The ongoing training of officers is part of the commitment Warwickshire Police has in addressing rural, wildlife and heritage crime within the county.


  • Realistic Expectations

    Good to see this police and partners initiative and investment in developing staff in a district celebrated for its heritage and natural environment. Need to feel a few more collars now and make it clear that crimes of this type will not be tolerated.