Stratford District Council could relocate headquarters

Stratford District Council leader, Cllr Tony Jefferson.

The headquarters of Stratford District Council could be numbered after its leader Tony Jefferson suggested this week that the authority’s future may lie away from Elizabeth House.

Speaking to the Herald this week, Cllr Tony Jefferson explained that drawbacks with the existing building on Church Street may prompt the council to look for a new home.

Cllr Jefferson said: “We are potentially looking at relocating from Elizabeth House in the medium to long term. Elizabeth House is not ideal in its present state, it’s an old building, the layout isn’t ideal, and there comes a time where you have to consider whether you are going to have to spend a lot of money on it or look to move somewhere else.

“Having said that we’ve identified nowhere else suitable at the moment. This is a medium to long-term consideration, relocating doesn’t happen overnight and I would have thought that it would be three-four years minimum if we decided to go down that road.”

Cllr Susan Juned, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrat Group, added: “This idea has been discussed before, the issue is the council is a lot smaller than it was in the past, more people work from home and a lot of the space in that building is actually rented out.

“There are things to consider, like the cost of heating and electricity and it’s sensible to examine if it would make more economic sense to run a cheaper, smaller building.

“It is something that’s on the cards, but it needs to be properly looked at, there are considerations about ease of access at any alternative building. It’s not a decision that can be taken overnight.

“Elizabeth House is an iconic building, but the council has used other buildings in its past and the authority needs to watch its budget and think about taxpayers.”

  • 1jamessmith1

    Have SDC spoken to the local Rozzers who have some spare rooms?