Residents want less cash spent on tourism


A consultation into this year’s district council budget plans has revealed people want less money to be spent on promoting tourism.

The consultation into this years proposed budget revealed 85 per cent of respondents thought the council offered value for money and 63 per cent said the authority should maintain current levels of service- even if this means increasing council tax by more than £5 per year.

One of the findings was that residents wanted to see a decrease in the provision of local economy and tourism promotion.

Elsewhere there was strong support for the new Fred Winter Centre and for funding to be spent on tackling climate change.

An increase in CCTV and crime reduction provision was also highlighted by respondents.

While 64 per cent of respondents felt the quality of council services was good overall, the consultation exercise only involved the district council’s citizens panel, a small overall sample of 997 residents.

Of these only 455 returned questionnaires.

Cllr Tony Jefferson, leader of Stratford-on-Avon District Council said: “The results make interesting reading and support many of our initiatives.

“We are now completing the investment in the CCTV system which reflects the top priority of residents being CCTV and Crime Prevention.

“We are also pleased that our financial support for the Fred Winter Project and Climate Change Strategy Funding is supported. We will also have to spend money on the waste Contract Renewal and the Core Strategy Review. There are some areas where choices are constrained.”

  • KJ

    Why is Henley Street being repaved when there is a planning application from the Birthplace Trust to move the railings and wall forwards a metre?! Newly laid paving is going to be dug up! and workmen’s vans and equipment will be wearing out the rest before any tourists have walked on it.
    Yet another classic example of the Stratford ‘powers that be’ wasting of money for the benefit of visitors, money that could have been allocated to work on the Birmingham Road for the benefit of everyone.