Final plea to delay unpopular green bin charges


A last ditch attempt to delay the introduction of unpopular green waste charges in June will be launched by opposition councilors later this month.

A motion being put forward by Liberal Democrat Councillor David Curtis, is seeking for the decision to be deferred for six months.

It will be considered at the next full council meeting at Stratford District Council on 24th February.

Cllr Curtis said: “I am delighted that this motion has cross-party support.  The decision to impose these charges appears to have been taken in haste and this proposed deferment of any implementation for 6 months will allow a clearer vision of the long term central government settlement, to better establish the forward financial position which has driven this additional ‘tax’ on green waste.

“It will also allow time for a more comprehensive environmental impact assessment to be carried out during this deferment period to clearly establish the benefits, or otherwise, of implementation.”

  • Realistic Expectations

    Good, another daft idea which will inevitably lead to yet more fly-tipping in south Warwickshire, to say nothing of the lack of ‘joined-up thinking’ on sustainability, recycling & waste management.